Light Rail: The World's Greatest Bike Light

  • 35 LEDs and advanced optics ensure an optimal cycling experience. 
  • The Bike Lane Spotlight focuses on your path without blinding others. 
  • Unique light patterns enhance your visibility to traffic. 
  • Up to 80 hours of illumination, rechargeable via USB-C.

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3 Distinct Modes

Stay visible to traffic with just the right amount of illumination for your evening ride.

Constant light movement keeps you visible without a strobe that is dangerous and annoying at night.



All On

Light Your Path, Not The Traffic

The bike lane spotlight selectively illuminates the bike path only. All of this illumination is provided without disrupting the vision of the cyclist or other traffic on the road, keeping everyone safe. 

High Visibility Day Mode

Stay confident that you're being seen even in the light of day. 

Our day mode pattern is more visible than any other bike light's blinking pattern. With 32 LED's across the whole light bar, the light is much more visible at an angle, with a full 180° of visibility.

The Most Powerful Rechargeable Battery Out There

Most bike lights only last up to 6 hours, requiring you to charge them constantly. The Light Rail’s rechargeable battery is the most powerful bike light battery on the market, lasting for over 80 hours. Charge with USB for maximum convenience.

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Mounts to Any Bike 

The Light Rail comes with all of the mounting hardware you need, including a standard GoPro mounting arm with spacers to attach to any handlebar. 

The custom-designed patent-pending interface allows for endless flexibility.  

Instantly Snaps On and Off

The mounting interface easily snaps firmly into place so you can take it with you when you get to your destination and easily reattach it when you're ready to go.

Ready For Any Weather

The Light Rail is weatherproof and resistant to water, meaning you never have to worry about the light failing when the weather turns.

Built To Last. Designed For Your Right to Repair.

The Light Rail is designed and assembled in the USA. It's made of only the best, most durable parts and designed to withstand years of hard use, and we will warranty it for 12 months.

Most companies today have a lock on their technology and won’t allow you to make changes or basic repairs. This forces you to buy a new product every few years. At Intrinsic, we believe in the right to repair, and should anything go wrong, you’ll be able to fix your bike light for decades to come.

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